You know when you are a kid and your Adult puts the pictures you draw on the fridge? Remember that? yeah! well, thats what this website is for me. I don't care if anyone looks or not, I don't care what you think, this is just the Fridge that my pictures go onto!

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sausage The Sausage Project.

I have this sausage (d*ck) that is made of sections. People can make their own sections. Its NSFW-BIAD (Not Safe For Work - Because Its A D*ck) its over 18s only because I have no idea what crazy stuff people will put on there. If you want to see it you can click this: SHOW ME THE SAUSAGE

sausage My Renpy thing

I'm working on a visual novel thing. It's got terrible art work and terrible writing and terrible sound with terrible voice overs. It's updated weekly (ish) but if you want it its here



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