So, you want to E-Mail HexDSL?

If you want to chat then PLEASE DO! I'll reply if I have time, and I Promise, I read everything but at times I get a lot of e-mail and dont get chance to reply to it all. Sometimes a video I have planned is a reply in of sorts. I like getting e-mail form people who want to tell me things, show me things or ask me things.

If you have a business enquiry then please do E-mail me. If its a game you want me to look at, just drop me a steam or Itch key and I'll take a look. I'm not promising to make a video or stream it, but I will take a look and even if I don't give it direct coverage I may talk about it on the Podcast or in the Discord server.

If you want to give me a correction or an update then I usually recommend people post on YouTube Comments (I pin corrections) and then everyone else will see it.

If you want to e-mail me regarding your political views, please don't. I am a vegetarian Pacifist Wiccan. The chances are, I'm not interested in your agenda!